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New Zealand Police Taking DNA Samples

Okay, so it was pretty dumb of police to be letting minors provide a DNA sample in return for being let off fines (see http://www.stuff.co.nz/stuff/0,2106,3701403a10,00.html). That plan was always going to bite them in the bum.

Still, as a principle, I can't actually see what's wrong with it. I struggle to understand exactly what it is that people find so upsetting about having their DNA on record.

On the plus side:
- If you are the victim of a violent crime it may help expedite the investigation.
- If you know your DNA is on file you may be less likely to commit a crime.
- It will surely help the police in many ways.

On the down side:
- ?? Someone might be able to see your DNA?? Is that it? What exactly is the problem?
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