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Hi there
You don't know me but I am currently looking for a lost family member and came across your site through googling the surname which is Googan. I notice you have a friend called Jason Googan. I wonder if you are still in contact with him or know something about him. I found out that the person I am looking for was living in Te Puke in the 70's and she married a Googan and had 4 boys but I don't know where she is now. There is nothing in the NZ white pages but I have only just begun my search as yet.
Anyway if you are still in contact with your friend I would be very interested. Half of my family came from Wales too so I'm probably related to you as well
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Hi, sorry about the delayed reply. I'm afraid I made a typo in the message you saw - my friend's name is Jason Coogan, not Googan.

No luck from me I'm afraid but good luck in your search.
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