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Nicho Wong
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Streaming download problem


I have used the Windows Media Service in 2003 to stream video. The video is in asf format already. The web site require user to login (php) before they could click the link to stream anything.

What we found out is that someone could use Flashget to download the file into his or her computer without login. I have try it too. It is possible. I have done this thing years ago and remember that stream file could not be saved (except recording software).

What can I do other than using the Authentication features of windows. We don't want the user to login again and agin to see each file.

Please advice. Thank you.

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This should have been posted at www.mediacollege.com/forum but since you're here I'll try to answer.

It sounds like your login script isn't very robust. I'm picking that it just redirects to a page which includes the video link. Ideally you need the video to be in a protected directory so any files within that directory can only be accessed with the correct login details.

I don't use Windows servers (I use Linux) so I can't comment on using Windows Authentication.

When you say that people can access the file without logging in, how do they do this? How do they get to the page with the link?

The best thing you could do is show me the URL so I can see for myself.
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