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horse on stage??

Hey Dave ...how're things going for you?Good I hope.Can't remember a horse on stage...remind me :-)
p.s how can I get in touch with Scratchard?

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The horse was actually at a Scapegoats gig. No-one believes me but it was true. It was at the Normanby pub in Taranaki.

I was doing sound and while the guys were on stage playing, a dude in a horse came through the back door of the stage. He walked across the stage and stood right next to Jason Googan - you should have seen the look on Jason's face when he turned around and saw a horse .

I believe you have been in touch with all of us since posting your message. It would be good to see you over this way some time. Otherwise we should call in and see you on the coast.

BTW, did you see your namesake from England's message? Here came here searching for his name - Greg Blackler.
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