My Nursing Career

Psychiatric Nurse Medal, with Waikato Hospital Board endorsement

I began training as a psychiatric nurse in 1984 and graduated as a registered nurse in 1987. I worked for a little more than a year before running away with a band, then I returned for a couple more stints nursing in the 1990s.

I left nursing permanently in the mid-nineties to work solely in media production. I found it hard to let go of my identity as a nurse but I had to do it. One of those "follow your heart" sort of things.

Although I didn't stick with it I never think of my time nursing as a mistake or "wrong" path. I like to think I was a good nurse and I made a difference in some lives. Also, my experience in nursing and psychiatry have made a huge impact on how I've lived the rest of my life. It's been an immeasurable help in so many ways. Nurse Owen will always be a very big part of who I am.