What Next?

January 2000

Well, so far the Y2K bug has failed to show any sting in this part of the world. There have been various reports of minor problems, but nothing life-changing. 

Internationally, Gambia has had a hard time with wide-spread system failures. However, the fears of global disasters seem to have been unfounded.

February 2000

It's incredible how quickly the hype died. It's almost like it never happened, except there is definitely a more relaxed feeling. It's nice to be rid of the stress surrounding the Y2K bug.

March 2000

The second Y2K bug is due to hit on the first of April. I don't think too many people are concerned.

April 2000

Nope, nothing happened.

October 2000

A number of people are trying to promote the next New Year as the "real" new millennium. These people appear to be "purists" who never agreed with the previous attempt rather than marketing execs wanting to make a buck. They don't really have a chance -- the Y2K has happened and no-one wants to resurrect it for another turn.

The general feeling is "Yes, we always knew that the new millennium technically starts next year. Who cares? It felt better doing it this year."

There are now until the year 3000.