Ways to Die in Space

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More options if you survive the fall to a planet...

On Mars:

  1. Poisoned by atmosphere
  2. Zapped by radiation
  3. Frozen by sub-zero temperature

On Venus:

  1. Crushed by atmospheric pressure
  2. Melted by 480°C surface temperature
  3. Dissolved by atmospheric sulphuric acid
  4. Sliced up by volcanic rock and buried in lava

On Mercury:

  1. Burnt or frozen, depending on where you land
  2. Suffocated by lack of atmosphere

On any of the gas giants:

  1. Simultaneously crushed, burned, poisoned and shredded by extreme atmosphere

How long could you survive in the vacuum of space?

About 1½ minutes. This is more or less what will happen...

1 second: Begin freezing (if in shadow) or burning (if in sunlight)
2 seconds: Begin swelling (you don’t explode though)
5 seconds: Moisture on skin, eyes and tongue boils due to zero air pressure
10 seconds: Internal organs begin rupturing
15 seconds: Lose consciousness, eardrums burst
30 seconds: Blood begins to boil
45 seconds: Heart can no longer pump blood
60-90 seconds: You die