My Office

In partnership with Ange, I own and operate a business called Wavelength Media. We deal in all areas of audio-visual media production. See for more information.

Television Production

I've been working in television production since 1995. Starting as a camera operator and editor, my first few years involved covering everything from weddings to national 6 o'clock news stories. I went on to train in all areas of live broadcast from Floor Manager to OB Director (that's what the photo is). These days I've scaled down my television involvement but I still do the odd freelance job.

Internet Work & Web Design

These days I'm lucky enough to spend most of my work time developing my own websites. These sites make money through advertising — it's a pretty sweet situation really.

My main website is, a free resource site for video and audio production. This generates most of my income.


My next-favourite site is Te Awamutu Online, a community website for my home town.

Other projects I'm working on include:

You can follow developments on these projects in my blog.

Ange has also entered the game with a website about overbid refunds in the American tax sale system. It's called

Curriculum Vitae

My CV (July 2000)
Yes I know that you're supposed to keep your CV updated, but hey, I don't want a job.