Urine Cuff & Drawing

Skylab Urine Cuff

This item is a urine cuff from the 1973 Skylab program, designed to be worn by the astronaut for urinating. This particular cuff was never used, it was a flight-ready spare.

The primary urination method in Skylab used a receiver with airflow. This cuff was part of the backup system that does not have airflow. One end of the adapter is threaded for attachment to a hose for collection. The other end of the adapter has a cuff for fitting to the astronaut (all astronauts in the Skylab program were male).

The cuff is framed with a reduced 11” x 17” copy of the engineering drawing. The drawing, by McDonnell Douglas Astronautics Company and dated 31st August 1971, details the assembly and describes how it should be packaged.