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Where I'm Coming From

On the topic of drug use, I get a lot of angry people sending me comments such as "You obviously don't know what you're talking about" and "Why don't you do some research?". In response to these criticisms I have provided this page to let you know why I believe I'm qualified to comment on drug issues.

As a registered psychiatric nurse I received a lot of training and experience in the field of drug abuse. I worked in various drug clinics and agencies, dealing with everything from prescription drug addiction to solvent abuse.

As a professional musician I was exposed to just about every type of drug use and abuse ever invented. From beer to cocaine, from cannabis to LSD, I saw and lived it all.

I have personally experienced the highs and lows of drug use. I know what it means to have your thoughts clouded by too much drug intake. I know what it's like — not because I read it in an anti-drug pamphlet or saw it on a documentary — but because I've been there and I've seen hundreds of other people go there.

I've also experienced the positive side of recreational drug use. This is a topic in itself and I hope to have a page devoted to it one day. The problem with saying that there is a positive side to drugs is that anti-drug people simply refuse to believe it. And sadly, they assume that anyone who acknowledges the positive aspects must therefore think the drug is okay to abuse.

If nothing else, all this experience has taught me one thing: The issue of drug use and abuse is not a black-and-white thing. There are many grey areas, and there are no simple solutions.