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Of all the topics covered in all of the websites that I work on, nothing seems to upset people quite as much as the issue of recreational drugs. I receive a lot of e-mails related to this section, split roughly between those who agree with me and those who would have me imprisoned for my beliefs.

I would love to spend more time on this subject but I'm a busy guy and I simply can't do all the research that I'd like to. 

Please: Before you email me ranting about the evils of drugs, make sure you understand the following:

I DO NOT advocate any form of drug abuse.
I DO believe that drug abuse is a problem.
I DO believe that we should be doing more to discourage drug use amongst young people, and to help all people with drug abuse problems.

I ALSO believe that any positive applications for recreational drugs need to be acknowledged. To ignore or dismiss them is to deny the process of logic.

My Views on Cannabis

Where I'm Coming From
Why I believe I am qualified to comment on drug issues.

Cannabis Laws
Why I believe that the current laws are unjust and ineffective.

Articles and references from other sources:

They Said It
A few quotes from "respectable" sources.

Select Committee Review of Cannabis Laws
NZ Herald article and comments from NORML.

Christian Science Monitor
Article about drug law contradictions.

New Zealand Herald Opinion Piece
by Ted Reynolds.

Alcohol and tobacco more harmful than cannabis and ecstacy
Press release from Bristol University

Legalise all drugs, top British police officer says