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My Five Cents worth....

Note: Most of this stuff was written during the 1990s. Back then I was quite proud of "My Five Cents". It was years before the term "blog" was coined and I used to get a lot of visitors commenting on the novelty of publishing one's thoughts on the internet. These days blogs are more common than flies and my humble offering isn't the ground-breaker I used to tell myself it was.

In 2006 I installed a new forum & blog which lasted a few years until I moved to which is where you'll find my current blog.

(The text below is my original introduction From 1998)

This room is where I spout pompously at length about whatever takes my fancy. From drugs to the internet, from capitalism to God (gotta say something about politics and religion).

Nobody listens to this crap in the real world, so I've turned to the virtual world in the deluded hope that by throwing it out into the cyber-aether, someone somewhere will give a toss.

Most of the material here is under construction - it's a sort of notepad for my thoughts about what's going on around me. I tend to just publish it as it happens, so don't be surprised to find a few half-finished paragraphs.

It isn't structured, formal or properly researched.

It is biased, self-opinionated and quite possibly all wrong.